Exchange to San Diego "Back On"

This Exchange, long planned and recently cancelled, is now "back on" after some changes by our prospective hosts.

Check Exchanges for new October dates and contact information.

FFNC is now on Facebook

An April Regional Conference (2014) topic on Social Media urged that we recognize the power of this communications medium to appeal to and attract people of younger ages.  It is through this medium that we wish to share what Friendship Force is all about. 

We hope that those who utilize social media will hear and understand our message and will join us as we continue to experience international cultural exchanges.

We are in the process of expanding our Facebook page for Friendship Force of Northern Colorado.  Follow us there;  click on the Facebook icon in the header above.

Our FFNC Website:

We hope that you have utilized this great club resource.

According to Google, our most popular pages for December, 2015 were: Home; Newsletters;  Regional; About Us; Exchanges; and Forms, in that order.

We also learned that our largest number of visitors in December were from the USA, Germany, China, S. Korea, Russia, Canada, Greece and Norway, in that order.

Please continue to explore the website.  Curious or concerned about the timeliness of the information on a page?  Check the date in the bottom right corner of the footer of each page.  That date will reflect when that page was last changed.