FFNC publishes 11 monthly newsletters per year, on or about the first of each month for that month.  The July/August issue is a combined newsletter during this busy vacation period.

Publishers/Editors for the newsletters are Ed Brigden, Cindy Paulson, Sue Cummins and Marilyn Garner. (See schedule below for editor for that month).  All articles and other items for publication should be submitted to the respective Editor by the third (3rd) week of the month for inclusion in the upcoming issue.

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Newsletter Schedule - 2018

Barbara Miller Marcia Ross Cindy Paulson 970-581-6801 cdp225(at) Thelma Slocum Cindy Paulson 970-581-6801 cdp225(at) Dennis Miller Cindy Paulson 970-581-6801 cdp225(at) Gary Cummins Marilyn Garner 970-493-4137 garner.marilyn(at) LaDonna Palm Marilyn Garner 970-493-4137 garner.marilyn(at) Doris Rogers Sue Cummins 970-682-2266 sue(at) Kay Thomas Ed Brigden 970-381-5809 brigden(at) Dennis Miller Ed Brigden 970-381-5809 brigden(at) Diane Locke Sue Cummins 970-682-2266 sue(at) LaDonna Palm Doris Rogers
Month   Editor/Publisher Phone # Email Program Reporter
January Ed Brigden 970-381-5809 brigden(at)
February Ed Brigden 970-381-5809 brigden(at)
January18 Ed Brigden 970-381-5809 brigden(at)

   To prevent automated online prospecting for email addresses, the emails above are listed with "(at)" in place of the expected "@". Please use "@" for your personal use.