Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Sept 27- Oct 4

Marilyn Garner

Exchange Activities in Northern Colorado for Inbounds

For activities in Northern Colorado from which to select for Exchange planning, click on the following link:

Exchanges with Mountain Region Clubs

Contact the Exchange Director (ED) for an exchange of interest for information.

Click on Regional above for more information Under "outbound Exchanges"


Additional Exchange Opportunities

Is a local or regional Exchange unsuitable or inconvenient for you due to timing?  Consult the FFI website for additional Exchange opportunities.  Join another FF club for an Exchange to a destination with more suitable timing.   Check out your options and get on board with an Exchange to explore a country and a culture that can make a difference.

Health and Mobility Checklist for Exchanges  

Not all Exchanges are physically suitable for all interested Friendship Force Members.  Peculiar demands of a particular planned Exchange may preclude some members from becoming Ambassadors due to physical expectations with which the member may be unable or unwilling to cope.

To address these physical concerns, for both the Ambassador and Host clubs, FFI has created a Health and Mobility Checklist form so that both Exchange Directors can assure that all Ambassadors are physically capable of successfully completing the entire Exchange, including all planned activities and venues.

For this Form, click on Forms to the left and then select "Exchange Health & Mobility Checklist".